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Find gay-friendly places

Whether you’re planning a big night out or a romantic weekend away you can rely on Arch to help you find the best gay bars, night clubs, hotels, saunas and more! Browse thousands of venues in the world's most gay friendly cities, read and write reviews, and even request a ride to take you there. Use the map feature to find places near you, or browse the rest of the world.

Lovely Design

It's not just about how we work, it's also about how beautiful we look.

Dozens of cities

We support tons of gay friendly cities around the world, and we're constantly adding more every day.


We reward our users with free drinks, discounted food and money of hotels.

There's a lot out there

Sometimes you hop off a plane and worry about visiting bars, clubs and hotels. Arch takes that weight off your shoulders - with the handy live map. We display pins around your current location and show you the best LGBTQ+ places around you.

  • Venues are verified
  • Information is updated
  • Hop of that plane with no worries
Arch LGBTQ+ travel app

Exclusive rewards

So you want some free stuff right? We got your back. Regular users will receive rewards on us. This could be a free shot, a free night at the hotel you're staying at, or discount on your favourite dish.

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Add your venue

If we haven't already added your gay friendly venue to Arch, this is your opportunity to get involved. Here's a few reasons why we think you'll love it.

Why join?

Are you a gay friendly venue? Why not join thousands of other venues and be part of the Arch community. If we accidentally missed your venue, please contact us by clicking the button below and we'll get you on the map.

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With thousands of users from all over the world - people are going to be using Arch to find your venue. It's simple, you add your venue, you gain visitors. If you would like to learn more, please contact us by clicking below.

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Push notifications

Send out notifications to potential customers. Simply select a time and date, write something and send it out. We will let you know how many people saw it, how many swiped on it and how well your notification performed.

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Arch uses smart analytics to let you know how well your venue is doing. From how many impressions your venue has got over the last week, and even how many people booked an Uber to your venue from the Arch app. We will even suggest what changes could be made so you get the very best.

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